The Jvhradio Network welcomes music submissions from major labels and independent producers. The following is instructional information on our policies and procedures. 

1. DO NOT send us music directly, such as mp3, wav files, etc. or CDs or other physical product. We will not accept them and they will be discarded.

2. In order for your music to be considered for broadcast it must be "officially published" for purchase on one of the major outlets such as iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon or other retail distribution outlet. We prefer iTunes.

3. Once published, send us a brief email with a link to your music. (We don't need your full bio or life history) We prefer to use iTunes for this purpose. Upon receiving the link we will audition your music. 

4. If we decide to broadcast your music we will purchase it and prepare it for broadcast.

5. We are currently affiliated with the larger Radionomy network worldwide. We will upload your music to Radionomy who will "clear" it for braodcasting. Clearance involves verifying copyright and royalty information which can take from a few minutes to 48 hours. If clearance does not occur within 48 hours the music will be rejected and we will inform you of that. If clearance is acheived then your music will be added to our broadcast program.

6. If you are publishing your music as an independent make certain you add all the necessary meta data to your published music files so that copyright and royalty information can be tracked and processed. You should already be a member of ASCAP, BMI, SESAC or other royalty collection and distribution agency. 

7. Send your link to In the subject area put Music Submission. 

     Thank you for choosing the Jvhradio Network! All the best to you on your continued success!