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     You're in Good Company! Here's a list of some of our national and international network advertisers: Walgreens, Target, Geico, Home Depot, Lowes, Mercedes Benz, Sams Club, Walmart, Progressive Insurance, Guitar Center, Coney Island Hard Root Beer, Sam Adams Brewery, H&R Block just to name a few! These companies know the value of Internet Radio.

     Low cost, targeted radio spots combined with targeted and aggressive social media marketing result in a powerful combination to get your message out! Here, at, we know how to do that and we can get it done for you too!

     30, and 60 sec spots, Name Drops, and Artist Sponsor Leadins are just a few of our broadcast tools. When we combine those efforts with our social media campaigns, custom designed for your business, you get meaningful results and effective branding.

    You can work directly with us or through your advertising agency. We can use your media or we can create custom media for you in our studio. 

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